Advanced Analysis of Null Pointer Dereference in Linux

Investigated and resolved a null pointer dereference in Linux by analyzing and comparing static analysis tools (Cppcheck, Codechecker, Facebook Infer, SonarQube) against the Juliet Test Suite for cybersecurity enhancement. This process sharpened my expertise in static analysis and problem-solving skills in cybersecurity.

Driver Drowsiness Detection

Designed a vehicle safety system aimed at detecting driver drowsiness through real-time monitoring of facial and eye movements. This system calculates a drowsiness index to help prevent accidents, with the entire implementation carried out in Matlab.

It utilizes Sobel Edge Detection for clearer edge delineation, the Viola-Jones Algorithm for accurate facial recognition, and K-Means Clustering for assessing the driver’s alertness by analyzing the state of the eyes and mouth. This project demonstrates the significant impact of image processing algorithms on improving vehicle safety and preventing accidents caused by drowsiness.

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Snagger App

Our mobile application introduces an innovative hybrid model that seamlessly blends online and offline experiences. Subscribers gain access to exclusive discounts at prestigious retail partners, setting our service apart in the market. A hallmark of our offering is the unlimited access provided throughout the subscription period, delivering unparalleled value to our users.

This forward-thinking approach ensures a unique positioning in the marketplace, aimed at delivering a comprehensive and satisfying customer experience. The app is crafted using a robust technology stack that includes Flutter, Java, MongoDB, C#, and AWS, ensuring a reliable and scalable solution.

‘Snagger’ Android app | Note: iOS app is only available in India

Snagger AR app

A mobile app that offers a platform for clients in Construction, Furniture, and Manufacturing industries to showcase their projects, aiming to broaden their customer reach. Built using Unity, C#, Java, Objective-C and Blender.